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We are Philly Unity! THE experienced, accomplished - proven Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local leaders with a long track record of putting Philadelphia members at the top of our priority list!

Nikki Izanec for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local President. Meagan Hill for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local Vice President (Actor/Performer). Markus Goldman for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local Vice President (Broadcaster). Mike Kraycik for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA National Board Member. Deborah Carn, J.S Williamson, Lou Pacheco and Susan Moses for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local Board Members (Actor/Performer). Jay Gleason and Monica Avery for Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Local Board Members (Broadcaster).


LOCAL leadership

Nikki Campaign Statement:
It's been a hard year. I hear you! We need to get back to basics. Experience as a current Philadelphia Local Board member, Convention Delegate, and involvement nationally on The President's Safety and Reopening Committee qualifies me to serve you well as Local President. A lifetime Philadelphian and performer, I'm proud of my Local and excited for the future for our Local Performers and Broadcasters alike. When I'm not working, I'm a woman, mom of two, wife, pet wrangler, problem solver, artist, friend, lover of creative innovation, and Oxford comma user. Let's rebuild, but better. In Unity.

Meagan Campaign Statement:
Fellow SAG-AFTRA Members, for the last 2 years I have served as your VP (Actor/Performer) for the Philadelphia Local. During that time, I assisted in the creation of a "Non-compete Bill" that will soon be introduced in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate, benefiting our members. I've also made producers aware of our numerous film contracts for low-budget and student films as well as the regional commercial contracts. There is still so much that needs to be done. Help me to continue working for YOU by voting for me. Thank you, Meagan Hill. In Unity.

Mike Campaign Statement:
As your current National Board Member and with 12 years of Local experience, I humbly ask for your support for re-election for National Board. These last 2 years have been hard for everyone but with tireless dedication to YOU, I have advocated both in the National Board Room and locally on issues important to Philadelphia Performers and Broadcasters - such as securing mixed income unemployment, safe return to work protocols, fostering greater diversity & inclusion, drafting a Philadelphia Local Board Code of Conduct and Ethics, and TV/Theatrical contracts. There's still much to do. If elected, I'll continue to push our concerns nationally - including increased gains for Background, fixing our Health and Pension Plans and bringing and organizing more work locally. Let's rebuild better. In Unity.

Deborah Campaign Statement:
I became a member in 2004 and through the years have served as a Local Board Member, Convention Delegate, Conservatory Co-Chair and member on the National Background Actors Committee. As a former PA Legislative Assistant and current Local Board Member, I assisted members with pandemic relief information and met with our partners to discuss diversity and inclusion in film. Also, attended the PA Bi-Partisan Film Caucus meetings, discussed the importance of the film tax credit with lawmakers, and supported Women in Film. I value serving on the Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA Board, and will continue to be your voice. In Unity, Deborah Carn.

J.S. Campaign Statement:
I was elected and have served on the Philadelphia local Board for one term and it has not been an easy term with the complete shutdown. As we all know, our local broadcasters of color were subjugated to racist wrongs, Asian Americans suffered racist attacks and worse. Even in light of the limited resources, we as a union stood strong. Some of you reached out during Covid-19 for help, information or just an ear, and I provided all resources that we had at our disposal. Now we are back and moving forward once again, and I would like to finish what I began prior to the pandemic - uninterrupted this time. I am running for a seat as your Philadelphia Local Board member and National Convention Delegate. Thank you, J. S. Williamson

Jay Campaign Statement:
A SAG-AFTRA Member since 1998, Jay Gleason has worked as an on-air personality in the Philadelphia market at union-represented stations WMMR and WXTU, where he currently serves as weekend/fill-in personality. Gleason has also been an on-air personality in the market at WMGK. Besides his on-air work, he has also served as Operations Manager, Program Director, and Music Director at various radio stations across the country. Outside of programming and on-air, Gleason has managed digital departments for radio groups in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, and has served as a news and feature writer for radio industry trades Inside Radio and FMQB.

Lou Campaign Statement:
I still have a lot I want to accomplish for my fellow SAG-AFTRA members - so, I'm asking for your support as a nominated Local Board Member and Convention Delegate! Thank you.

Markus Campaign Statement:
Coming soon!

Monica Campaign Statement:
A board member of the Philadelphia local, member of the National Broadcast Steering committee & shop steward for CBS3. Monica prides herself on representing all SAG-AFTRANS. She has been through contract negotiations, grievances, fighting for COVID-19 safety protocols and work environments. She tries to be the person with the answers, and the one who gets answers when none are given.

Susan Campaign Statement:
It has been my privilege to serve on the Philadephia SAG-AFTRA LOCAL BOARD. During my tenure, I have met with city officials to promote Union talent and to encourage Film and TV production work in the Tri-state area. A great deal has been accomplished but more still needs to be done. Fellow members, please allow me to continue to work on your behalf. I appreciate your vote.

There are more of us... stay tuned! We are busy working on something pretty great. Also stay tuned for more about our leadership principles, goals for the next 2 years - and all plans Philadelphia SAG-AFTRA - coming soon!


Nicole Izanec:
Nicole (Nikki) Izanec has been involved in the creative arts all of her life. Her passion for the arts began at an early age in Philadelphia, first performing as a six year old female Benjamin Franklin. This quickly progressed to formal training in theatre and more believable roles in both acting and dance. In her childhood, Nikki was born and raised in Philadelphia where she spent most of her days at Archbishop Ryan High school. There she was elected art program president, was involved in musical theatre, dance, too many clubs to recite and volunteerism in her community. At seventeen she was accepted to a liberal arts program on full scholarship and left to pursue her degree.

Nicole attended Centenary University where she majored in Design and Minored in Theatre. During her undergrad, she was recognized in the honors studies program and contributed to the university’s international exchange population working with ESL and ELL students. After obtaining her BFA in Design, she represented her university as a teaching ambassador in Asia the summer after graduation. This sparked a lifelong love of education and cultural exploration as well as an avid passion for travel. After graduation, Nikki worked in private sector art and design before enrolling in Holy Family University where she completed her Master’s of Education Degree. Realizing a lifelong career in the arts takes both creativity and practicality, Nikki started and managed a self-run small business in the arts. She also enrolled as a working artist at Philadelphia’s Fleisher Art memorial, one of the country’s oldest nonprofit community art schools. While there she adopted their philosophy of “making art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background, or artistic experience” as her own, and began to substitute teach in the Philadelphia Pubic School district. Upon completion of her MEd., Nikki graduated with an Art Teacher Certification and an abundance of practical experience. Nikki finished in the top two percent of both her undergraduate and post graduate classes by graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Known to be a bit of a hippie and march to the beat of a different drum, the arts community has become Nikki’s second family over the years. In her free time, Nikki likes to read, paint, roller skate and cook. She is also adamant about preserving the old fashioned roots of her youth. Raised in a traditional Italian household, and essential to these ideals, Nikki believes in feeding almost everyone she meets. She is also known to argue that only valid pasta is fresh pasta. Anything else is an im-pasta. Many of her childhood memories involve her Italian grandparents in the kitchen so its no surprise that you can often find her in her own kitchen cooking Italian specialties for family and friends. In her professional career, she’s been a Jill of many trades but considers herself a master of only one: Being a wife to James and a Mom to two wonderfully creative children Anthony and Julianna. It’s no surprise then that she’s guided by the Italian principle of la famiglia è la patria del cuore or “home is where the heart is”. Nikki is currently writing a children’s book and calls Haddonfield, NJ home.

Meagan Hill:
Meagan Hill grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. At an early age, she was attracted to the creative and performing arts and was encouraged to enroll in the Theatre program at a college outside of Allentown. After graduating from DeSales University, she directed numerous children’s theatre productions and taught dramatics at the American Academy of Broadcasting in Philadelphia. Meagan also performed at numerous local theatres, dinner theatres and murder mysteries where she played leading roles in “Guys and Dolls”, “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” and “Valentines and Killer Chili”. Meagan Hill has sung at many cabarets in Philadelphia, New Hope, NYC and Atlantic City. Meagan has appeared in numerous TV and Film productions, including “Mare of Eastown”, “Death Saved My Life” and “Bruised.”

Meagan is also very active behind the scenes. Over the last several years, she has promoted the film tax incentive in Pennsylvania by meeting with politicians and directing a promotional video showing how one small town, Hatboro, benefitted from the incentive. Meagan has served as a dedicated board member since 2012 and, as a delegate, since 2017. In 2019, she was elected VP (Actor/Performer). Meagan also serves on the National Board of Honors and Tributes.

“Pennsylvania artists and crews are visibly distinct from the rest. We clearly show the training, dedication and professionalism that took years to attain and was hard won. Our union and the film industry of Pennsylvania should be synonymous for excellence. Professionalism will reduce production time by adding value through skill.” -Meagan Hill

J.S. Williamson:
I began acting classes while pursuing a Communications degree at LaSalle University. I later studied at Freedom and Hedgerow Theaters before becoming fortunate enough to get a job in radio at Philly’s oldies station, WFIL 560AM, right out of school. Just a year later, due to format changes, we were all suddenly and unexpectedly let go. I found out on my way into work! Undeterred and seeking opportunity, I left the States for Europe and performed in Germany where I joined the FIA (Federation of International Actors).

Upon my return home I joined AFTRA, because I never wanted to feel as helpless and lost as I had when WFIL changed formats. I grew up in a proud union household with my mother, a union shop seamstress. My first jobs in high school and college were in a hospital and when it unionized, I joined 1199C. I have been a SAG member since 1992, joining after Jonathan Demme caught my performance at Plays and Players Theater and cast me in the movie Philadelphia. I’m a person who has chosen to be union at every available avenue of my life.

I currently work as an Actor/Performer based in Philadelphia, working in the Mid-Atlantic (and soon in the Midwest) region. In addition to my acting pursuits, I am a graduate of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Executive Leadership training program. I also served as a member of the SAG –AFTRA anti-piracy committee just after our merger. Finally, I was fortunate enough to represent Philadelphia at the 2019 National Convention as a delegate.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling and giving back to my community by being a cycling merit badge counselor for Scouting, BSA and by volunteering on the District Attorney’s Youth Aid Panel for first-time offenders. I became the founding Board President of Philadelphia’s only African-American USA Swimming swim team. I also currently serve as Board President of My Place Germantown, a nonprofit that does permanent, supportive housing for the formerly homeless.

Lou Pacheco:
Lou Pacheco is an exceptionally talented Cuban-born actor and singer. Lou – who grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey – is a classically trained first tenor and has performed in virtually every musical genre and style from classical opera to rock & roll.

Lou studied privately under Madame Era Tongoli – the founder and Musical Director of the Metro Lyric Opera of New Jersey – and has performed for audiences at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the historic Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, NJ – among other notable venues. Lou has also paid homage to his Cuban and Latin heritage by singing in the annual Latin Festival of Monmouth County.

As an actor, Lou has performed for the stage in many local productions including Goethe’s tragic opera “Faust” – and his screen acting career began with his 2009 screen debut in the major motion film “Law Abiding Citizen,” starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Lou played the role of a corrections officer in this thriller – directed by F. Gary Gray. Lou has also portrayed a football fan in the 2012 award-winning comedy-drama “Silver Linings Playbook,” starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, a hitman, a father, and businessman – among other roles! Lou also played a Mexican boxing judge in “Creed” – a “Rocky” sequel where Rocky Balboa, former World Heavyweight Champion, becomes the trainer and mentor to Adonis Creed – son of his former rival and late friend. As a SAG-AFTRA member and current Philadelphia Local Board Member – you could say Lou’s acting career is quickly gaining momentum! Lou currently lives in South Jersey with his daughters, Analiese and Cailyn.

Mike Kraycik:
Michael (Mike) Kraycik attended Kutztown University where he majored in Kutztown's World-renowned BFA Communication Design program. Widely recognized as one of the Nation's top visual and performing arts colleges, the Kutztown Communication Design curriculum fuses graphic design and advertising methodologies with fundamentals in traditional and new media arts. Mike also studied photography and art history while attending Kutztown. Mike earned a Professional Webmaster Certification from Penn State University College of Engineering. The "Webmaster" Certification included marketing, legal and technical course-work. Mike also earned a Master's Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Design Management - which combines business management, aesthetics and innovation - really the "creative thinking mindset," to solve complex business problems.

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Mike grew up in the picturesque Lehigh Valley - just west of Allentown - and relocated to Philadelphia after completing college. From an early age, he displayed a high aptitude artistically and worked in many various mediums - primarily concentrating on drawing and painting but also cartooning and film-making. As a youth, Mike attended the prestigious Baum School of Art in Allentown and won various awards in both scholastic and private competitions.

Prior to his time at Kutztown, Mike attended Parkland High school in Orefield, Pennsylvania, where he won the National Honor Society Nation Award in Art. While attending Parkland, he also contributed to the school theater and stage crew groups, as well as time serving as the school's yearbook photographer, writer and newspaper cartoonist.

Monica Avery:
South Philly-born, Delco-raised, Temple-Made. Wife, mom, friend, and Emmy award-winning news producer. Also, a diehard SAG-AFTRAN dedicated to making sure work conditions are safe and fair for all. As a kid, Monica wanted to be like Philly news legend Lisa Thomas-Laury: a well-respected journalist. In high school, she volunteered at WCOH, Cardinal O'Hara high school's TV station, presenting announcements and helping out in the studio. She knew where she wanted to go to college: Temple University, for its stellar "Radio, Television & Film" program. During the first semester, there was a teachers' strike. With only a few classes actually in session, Monica had some time on her hands and stopped by TV3 to see how she could get involved. Temple legend, the late Rick Beardsley, took her under his wing to learn the ins and outs of "Temple Update," the university's news program. From floor manager to teleprompter operator, to reporter, sports producer and anchor and finally news producer and anchor – Monica did it all, learning more about the business from Rick and her fellow students at Temple Update than she did in class! Oh – and most importantly – Monica met her husband, Chris, at Temple... now their son, Ryan, is about to start Temple in Mass Media Studies. Her son, Eric, is starting at Cardinal O'Hara in the fall.

As a longtime producer for CBS3, Monica has produced news for just about every daypart, winning Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards for Best Newscast, Outstanding Breaking News Coverage, Outstanding Live Event Coverage and more. She produced live coverage of the city's response to the Eagles' Super Bowl win, the Championship parade, the verdict in the Bill Cosby trial, the hours-long coverage when six Philadelphia police officers were shot in one night. For years, Monica produced live coverage of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. But she is most proud of her work with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. She has produced 15 annual telethons for the non-profit, and put together countless stories and special reports on children and families dealing with childhood cancer. A board member of the Philadelphia local, member of the National Broadcast Steering committee & shop steward for CBS3. Monica prides herself on representing all SAG-AFTRANS. She has been through contract negotiations, grievances, fighting for COVID-19 safety protocols and work environments. She tries to be the person with the answers, and the one who gets answers when none are given.

Susan Moses:
Susan Moses grew up in Rockland County, N.Y., a small rural suburb about one hour outside New York City. From her earliest memories, Susan knew she wanted to be an actress. She was raised in a musical family where every Sunday the entire family, aunts, uncles and cousins would meet for brunch at their grandparent’s home and sing and dance the day away. Of course, the fact that Susan’s Dad and his 4 siblings had all performed in vaudeville certainly added to her love of Theatre! Susan followed her passion throughout high school and upon graduating she attended the University of Miami majoring in Theatre and English. While there she performed the role of Amanda in a production of Gypsy, at the Coconut Grove Playhouse and the role of Peter in Peter Pan (her most favorite role) at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse where she also taught an acting class for children. She continues to work with children, finding it so rewarding. After completing her BA degree she went on to receive her MA in Theatre from the University of Connecticut.

Her professional career began in 1974 when she joined SAG-AFTRA and EQUITY. Susan has appeared Off-Broadway, in Regional theaters, Film and TV. Some of her favorite credits include Off-Broadway: Yentl (36th St. Theatre); Shore Points (Irish Arts Center); From Door To Door (Westside Theatre). Regional: I Hate Hamlet (Deertrees Theatre, Maine); Sleeping Arrangements (Theatre J, D.C.) Film: Invincible; Killer Instinct; Mafioso..The Father the Son; Statistically Speaking; Voiceless TV: Hack, Forensic Files, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia... And the beat goes on... Here’s to continued work and success.




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